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The measurement of mass, which is the amount of matter that makes up an object, involves units including carat, gram, milligram, kilogram, ounce, pound, ton and tonne or metric ton among many others. Some units used in the measurement of mass also differ in value depending on the location. Take for example, the ton, which differs in value when used either as an American unit or a British unit. Other examples are the hundredweight and the kiloton. Conversion engines allow us to convert mass measurement units without having to memorize the conversion tables and factors. Using calculators, which automatically gives the equivalent value in other mass measurement units, may be able to minimize the risk of inaccuracy from trying mass conversion manually by ourselves. Students doing their math homework, workers involved in lifting and moving packages, academicians such as chemists and physicists, as well as people who aim to lost or gain more weight can benefit from having a quick and efficient mass conversion calculator readily accessible. Kilogram is the most common unit of mass measurement By using our mass unit calculator you can convert mass measurements listed below:

Weight Units

  • Carat (international) Symbol is ct
  • Carat (UK) Symbol is ct
  • Cental
  • Centigram
  • Decigram
  • Decitonne
  • Dekagram
  • Dekatonne
  • Drachme
  • Dram Symbol is dr
  • Exagram
  • Femtogram
  • Gigagram
  • Gigatonne
  • Grain Symbol is gr
  • Gram Symbol is g
  • Gros
  • Hectogram
  • Hundredweight (Long, UK)
  • Hundredweight (Short, US)
  • Kilogram Symbol is kg
  • Kilogram-force
  • Kiloton (short, US)
  • Kiloton (long, UK)
  • Kilotonne
  • Lb
  • Long Ton
  • Megagram Symbol is Mg
  • Megatonne
  • Metric Ton
  • Microgram Symbol is µg
  • Milligram Symbol is mg
  • Myriagram
  • Nanogram
  • Ounce Symbol is oz
  • Petagram
  • Picogram
  • Pound Symbol is lb
  • Short Ton
  • Teragram
  • Ton (Long, UK) Symbol is tn
  • Ton (Short, US) Symbol is tn
  • Tonne (Metric Ton) Symbol is tn
  • Yoctogram
  • Yottagram
  • Zeptogram
  • Zettagram

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