Heat and Temperature Unit Converter

Temperature Measurement Conversion


Conversion of temperature units is integral to numerous fields of profession such as medicine, culinary, physics, chemistry, engineering and meteorology. Nurses often take measurements of the human body including our height, weight and temperature. Cooks, chefs and bakers also need to be familiar with different temperature units when reading recipes and preparing food. When studying weather patterns or making a weather forecast, meteorologists also have to properly do temperature and heat conversion. Similarly, other workers involved in other fields of profession may have the need to convert temperature units when they are working. A temperature calculator or a temperature and heat converter can be very useful to these people working in different fields and industries as well as to students who need a temperature converter in order to answer questions in their assignments and exams. When in need of temperature and heat conversion, we can take advantage of this free conversion calculator to quickly obtain accurate resulting values. By using our heat and temperature unit calculator you can convert temperature and heat measurements listed below:

Temperature and Heat Units

  • Celcius Symbol is C
  • Fahrenheit Symbol is F
  • Kelvin Symbol is K
  • Centigrade Symbol is C
  • Rankine
  • Reaumur

Common Heat and Temperature Measurement Calculations

Celcius to Fahrenheit
Kelvin to Celcius
Fahrenheit to Rankine
Reaumur to Fahrenheit
Degrees C to Degrees F