Electric Current Conversion

Electric Current Calculator


Ampere is the most common unit of electric current measurement By using our electric current calculator you can convert electric current measurements listed below:

Electric Current Units

  • Ampere Symbol is A
  • Biot Symbol is Bi
  • Coulomb/second
  • Electromagnetic Unit of Current Symbol is emu
  • Elektrostatic Unit of Current Symbol is esu
  • Franklin/second
  • Gauss
  • Gigaampere Symbol is GA
  • Gilbert Symbol is Gi
  • Kiloampere Symbol is kA
  • Megaampere Symbol is MA
  • Microampere Symbol is μA
  • Milliampere Symbol is mA
  • Nanoampere Symbol is nA
  • Picoampere Symbol is pA
  • Siemens Volt Symbol is S
  • Statampere Symbol is sA
  • Teraampere Symbol is TA
  • Volt/Ohm
  • Watt/Volt
  • Weber/Henry

Common Electric Current Unit Calculations

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Biot to Ampere
Kiloampere to Megaampere
Milliampere to Microampere
Volt/Ohm to Electricity Current
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Gauss to Gilbert