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Byte is the most common unit of computer data storageBy using our computer unit calculator you can convert computer measurements listed below:

Computer Units

  • Byte Symbol is B
  • Kilobyte Symbol is KB
  • Megabyte Symbol is MB
  • Gigabyte Symbol is GB
  • Terabyte Symbol is TB
  • Petabyte Symbol is PB
  • Exabyte Symbol is EB
  • zettabyte Symbol is ZB
  • Yottabyte Symbol is YB
  • Bit Symbol is b
  • Kilobit Symbol is Kb
  • Megabit Symbol is Mb
  • Gigabit Symbol is Gb
  • Terabit Symbol is Tb
  • Petabit Symbol is Pb
  • Exabit Symbol is Eb

Data in our computers also have measurement units.Many of us might be familiar with some of the computer units such as the byte, kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte and terabyte. The byte, which has the uppercase B as unit symbol, is the basic unit of measurement of data in computers and other devices. Some of the most common computer unit conversion is from bit to byte, from megabyte to gigabyte, from kilobyte to gigabyte, from kilobit to megabit, from megabyte to terabyte, from terabyte to gigabyte and from yottabyte to byte. With the different units available, computer storage conversion can be done with as many possible combinations of units. Computer storage conversion may be made easy using tools such as this conversion calculator. Students learning about computers in schools as well as workers and professionals in the computer science and engineering fields may need for a computer unit conversion once in a while. Similar to other conversion calculators, the given value as well as the corresponding unit just has to be inputted into the computer converter. When the end unit is chosen and the convert button clicked, the computer converter will give the resulting value instantly. For more information on data storage units please visit this link:

Data Storage Unit Prefixes

Common Computer Unit Calculations

Bit to Byte
Megabyte to Gigabyte
Kilobyte to Gigabyte
Kilobit to Megabit
Megabyte to Terabyte
Terabyte to Gigabyte
Yottabyte to Byte