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Converting between different units, especially between the Metric system and the American system, might prove to be a tricky challenge. Students as well as professionals such as engineers and architects need to be able to quickly convert area units to save time while working on their assignments or jobs. Recalling the various computing factors in order to manually figure out conversions could take a lot of time and effort, and the possibility to end up with completely inaccurate results would always there. However, the conversion processes do not always have to be grueling and tiresome. There are times that it might be best to take advantage of area conversion calculators to convert area units especially when pressed for time. This area conversion calculator allows us to quickly and easily convert between different units without having to do troublesome computations on our own. With over 30 units to choose from, we may easily convert area units by merely typing up the value, choosing the starting area unit on the left box and the desired end unit on the right box. Clicking the convert button will yield the result in a few seconds. Square meter is the most common unit of area measurement By using our area unit calculator you can convert area measurements listed below:

Area Units

  • Acre
  • Are Symbol is a
  • Atik
  • Atik evlek
  • Barn Symbol is b
  • Cerip
  • Dekare
  • Dönüm
  • Egypt Fettani
  • Evlek
  • Hectare Symbol is ha
  • Homestead
  • Iranian Fettani
  • Jugerum
  • New Evlek
  • Ree
  • Rood
  • Rute
  • Square Arsin
  • Square Endaze
  • Square Centimeter Symbol is cm2
  • Square Decimeter Symbol is dm2
  • Square Dekameter Symbol is dam2
  • Square Hat
  • Square Hektometer Symbol is hm2
  • Square Foot Symbol is ft2
  • Square Inch Symbol is in2
  • Square Kilometer Symbol is km2
  • Square Kirah
  • Square Meter Symbol is m2
  • Square Mile Symbol is mi2 , sq mi
  • Square Milimeter Symbol is mm2
  • Square Urup
  • Square Yard Symbol is yd2
  • Square Zirai

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